Paragliding Serbia team is located on the mountain Zlatibor, for all information We will be on your service at +381 63 691 729 or via email:
   Paragliding take-off the mountain Cigota - Zlatibor near the military facility and that is why we call it the Army. It is located at 43 ° 38'42 .02 "N 19 ° 46'37 .56" E at 1386 MSL.
     Take-off Army Southside is safety dimensioning for wind from South-South East to South South West. It is ideal for soaring with wind 6-7 m/s. And for top landing is very easy. Southside is more friendly for ground -handing than Northside.
   First is in the valley and at this place can landing and beginner, but he has 500 meters uphill to rich to the re-transport point.
   The second place is 5 meters from the main road and re-transport places, but for landing at that place pilot must be an advanced beginner.