Paragliding start of the mountain Cigota - Zlatibor near the military facility and that is why we call it the Army. It is located at 43 38'42 .02 "N 19 46'37 .56" E at 1386 MSL.

Paragliding start Army north is safety dimensioning for wind from NortWest up to North East. It is ideal for soaring with wind 4-5 m/s. And for that is very easy for top landing.

That start is ideal for Cross Country fly, too.

First landing places is for beginner and it is visible from the take off point. But if you landing there you must to be prepare to walk 1.4 km to the re-transport point :(

Second landing place is on the right side of take off point and he isn`t visible fully. And that is only for intermediate pilots who know how to landing at the middle area. It can be a little bit RNR in the summer at the middle of the day.

Third landing places is on the village Rakovica and he is optical visible from the take off point but it is not for beginner in the reason of small area to landing and some electric power line. We suggest that beginner landing at this point only if his instructor giving instruction from the landing places.

From this place you can take off and with South side of the hill and there have a two places for landing.

First is in the valley and at this place can landing and beginner, but he have 500 meters uphill to rich to re-transport point.

Second place is 5 meters from the main road and re-transport places but for landing in this places pilot be a advanced beginner.

Top landing is possibility and for beginner.




How to get to TakeOFF - Army and Oxen from the main road Zlatibor - Nova Varos (google maps link with traffic info) (c) 2016 by Sport Union “ARES” Arilje
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