Tandem paraglider and tandem system are design to enable the people who wish to fly and are not a paragliding pilot’s to feel the beauty of free fly and of course  and ADRENALINE too :)

Also, people who would like to experience the first flight and then maybe possibly to move the paragliding training and that they be paraglider pilots.

Of course, like everything else, and we started this program, we provide support for all paragliding starts of our region and see a list of flying sites and send us a request with your contact information to the address or call us at mob: +381 (63) 691 729 and you will find me as soon as possible to answer and try to adjust your time with the weather situation and to fly together.

Paragliding is an extreme sport and it's rare accident, and as with any extreme sport you have to sign your consent ie. TANDEM AGREEMENT

Business POLICE !!!

About safety ...

For us, safety is the most important, and all the pilots and equipment are certified and regularly checked.
   Also Us pilot and passenger have Insurance in case of an accident in the time of your tandem flight.
   And in the end, we reserve the right to cancel the tandem flight when we go out on a take-off and conclude that it is not SAFETY to fly, in that case we say that your tandem flight is postponed for the second time, or as a rule, we will return 90% of the money paid :)

Correspondence policy ...

Official correspondence takes place exclusively through the portal, e-mail or by phone 063 691 729 Aleksandar Ćirković - Ćiro
Our business policy is that if we do not answer the phone right now, we try to call everything when we are able ie. We are not in the flight :) Also, our business policy is to reply to the portal or e-mail within 24 hours :)

Privacy possibility of holding tandem flight ...

At the moment, We are only able to guarantee the possibility of maintaining your tandem flight only on the Zlatibor paragliding trips. For all other rides, if our co-workers tandem pilots are free to meet you :(

Payment policy ...

Payment is made through the current account S.D "Ares" Arilje or system.
Payment is not time-limited with some time of use of the voucher. You can use that God's health for 10 years :)
In the case of cancellation of flight from your or our side and your wish to return your paid money. We return 90% of the value paid, ie 10% we reserve in the name of the banking commission fee for banking transactions and other administrative processing costs. Refunds are up to 10 days from the date you submitted your request.

About the tandem flight ...

Before starting, we think that we have informed you that Paragliding is an extreme sport, and that sometimes it rarely happens accidents, so we have secured all passengers in our organization for a tandem flight in the event of offensive accidents, Accident on paragliding tandem flight :)
It is also our rule to read and sign the TANDEM YEAR ORGANIZATION plan before planning the flight yourself. And of course you take him with you on your tandem flight.
One time payment of the membership fee to the Sports Company "Ares" you receive: TANDEM YEARS PARAGLAJDEROM, GOPRO HD video of your flight, 1/2 lit. Water, 10% discount in Palacinkarnica Phoenix - Lake - Zlatibor and TANDEM CERTIFICATE.

The price of the tandem of the flight includes all the necessary re-transport from Landing to TakeOff, and it is your duty to arrive at takeoff position.

The tandem price includes all the necessary equipment for safe flight, and from personal equipment it is necessary that you have sports shoes and a sportswear with long sleeves.

The tandem flight lasts 10-15 minutes, and the same duration takes preparation for the takeoff. In paragliding there is no hurry, and it is best if you plan to book the time for the same at least 1 hour.


About tandem pilots ...

Tandem pilots with which you will have the opportunity to fly are divided in the areas of Zlatibor Oblast and Kopaonik Region.
Our business policy is to only cooperate with serious tandem pilots who have complete set and regularly checked equipment and of course they have insurance in case of an accident :)


Zlatibor area

Kopaonik area

Aleksandar Ćirković, SRB: 0001/0970


Zoran Petrović, SRB: 0027/1242












80 EURA *4

50 EURA *5


75 EURA *4

45 EURA *5


70 EURA *4



 ASK *3





*1 - Options that you specify potential days and start (by your vacation "time that suits you"), we check the meteorological situation and confirm the flight. Prices are valid only in the voucher with you to bobbies on the e-mail, print out and take with you.

*2 - The option that we are already on the hill and have the equipment with us. Or you can all adapt to our needs and make more tandem for one day, at the start of our choice between Zlatibor -> Kopaonik - > Rajac -> Malic -> Loret ... :) Prices are valid only in the voucher with you to bobbies on the e-mail, print out and take with you.

*3 - “Team bilder program”  The program was created by the practices of foreign companies that have come to do business in Serbia, and that after a good work done periodically to honor their team a day trip to the mountain. In this program is the ability to organize and outdoor grill for your team or some of others ours outdoor activities. Program is valid only for company.

*4 - In the price is premium package witch includes 0.5 liter of water, HD video clip, certificate  and for now only for Zlatibor TakeOff 10% discount for all order in the Pancake store Phenix Lake :)

*5 - In the prices is include only tandem flight.

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